How the Rainbow Visor Was Born...

How the Rainbow Visor Was Born...

As I said before, I wanted to tell you where the rainbow visor came from. And to do so we need to go back a few years... back to 2013 or even a bit more.

In the past, I wasn't very fond of my sexuality.

I came out to my friends when I first moved to London in 2011, but I never really came out to my family - they found out themselves. One day my mother just said she knew I was gay - and burst out crying.

I'll spare you the details for now but generally this was the time I went back to Poland to pick up my passport in the autumn of 2013 (did I mention I was Polish?).

I had a trip to Israel and Palestine booked and no valid passport (I travelled in Europe on my Polish ID Card). Anyway, it was supposed to be a quick trip to Poland - go to my hometown - pick up the passport - go back to London. It happened that I had about 5 and a half bottles of wine the night before my flight to Poland and overslept - surprise -surprise! I woke up around 3 hours after my flight had already departed and not thinking much booked a new evening flight with my credit card (£200 that chased me forever). I had to go though - without the passport I wouldn't be able to fly to Tel Aviv - and all was booked for October.

And to be honest, I always wanted to go to Tel Aviv!

Back in 2009 when I was living in Mallorca I watched this movie called C.R.A.Z.Y. and ever since I'd been dreaming of going to the birthplace of Jesus to find the Divine within myself through sexual pleasure with a hot middle-eastern man like the main character does in the mentioned movie. And it happened.

When still in London, I met a guy online who said he'd take me to a 'Britney Bitch' party in Tel Aviv, and suddenly he's out there waiting outside my hostel in a scruffy Tel Aviv's neighbourhood. We go to a few bars and then the party. I lose him after an hour or so, and somehow end up kissing some guy on the dance floor. I am absolutely smashed. Had like 10 G&T's. He's not drinking - has a car - 'Hey do you wanna go to Haifa?' - he says. 'Sure! Just let me pick up some beach clothes from my hostel.' I get into his car with his friend and off we go. 'Morning' - says a woman on the sofa at his place - 'Is this your flatmate?' - I ask -'It's my MOM!' He's only 19. 

I spent the next day with him, then moved on with my travels around the red see and the West Bank. All this time, I just couldn't stop thinking about him and in the end flew back to Haifa for the last 3 days of my holiday to see him again. It was a perfect holiday romance. For the first time in my life I felt truly adored. It really felt like love and I cried my eyes out on the train back to the airport. We became friends and have kept in touch since.

Now, why am I telling you all this? Well, a few years later, in the summer of 2017 this very same man, then aged 23 says: 'Matt, your rainbow brand idea seems like such a cool concept... why don't you put a rainbow flag under the visor in your caps? It would be so cool; I'd wear it all the time!'

A month later, I made the first PrideBunny caps.

People you meet on your way can really profoundly change your life. Would I be the same person if I hadn't met him? Would I ever have started this brand? I feel grateful for every single experience I had as they made me the person I am today.

And I have to say this to you: as my customer, subscriber, or even visitor you are actively changing my life and lives of many others truly committed to this beautiful project. Please stay with us and help us build something truly amazing!


Matt x

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