How you made me quit my job.

How you made me quit my job.

This is the story on how you made me quit my job to work full time on Bunny.Style.

Have you ever imagined you could just leave the shit reality of ‘9 to 5’ behind and do what you like? Travel the world, live a ‘laptop lifestyle’, work remotely and get paid? Well… don’t take it against me, but there was a moment in my life when I thought this was going to be my lifestyle for the foreseeable future. Of course, that didn’t work out but here is a little true story that happened thanks to you.

Last year, in 2018, when Bunny.Style started making some profits during the pride season, I thought things were changing. I was still working as a contractor in an architectural office in London, but there were so many orders coming through I could not cope anymore with packing them, customer service, managing the logistics etc. It just became impossible. So I asked at work if I could go part time, and for two months I was working 9am till 3pm in the office and did all of the Bunny work after. Until like 2 am. When the Pride Season was finished though, the sales dropped and I felt all sad and depressed because I had to go back to what I had before. I thought that launching the new underwear line would bring the sales up – but I was wrong. I did not do enough research on how saturated the underwear market was and in the end I had to go back to working full time in the office.

- Don’t give up - I thought. I always play that song by Kate Bush when I get sad and I think things are really bad. So I did, and as the words of the song go, I thought what really matters in life is friends and the relationships you have with people around you. Work is just one of many parts of your life. But not the most important one.

In February this year though, I felt so mentally drained, I cried on my boyfriend’s shoulder screaming I would quit my job the next day, that I couldn’t take it anymore, that I would never be able to make Bunny.Style work.

- What the fuck was I thinking launching a stupid rainbow brand - I shouted – Nobody gives a shit! - People just want their stupid free pride bracelets, nobody cares about wearing rainbows, they think it’s shit, I AM SHIT! – I shouted through tears.

Then Jack said to me, - Hey… give it a couple of months, don’t take any hasty decisions. You are amazing at what you do, there are people who love your stuff, find more of them and HEY! Even if you could just work part time on Bunny.Style for a few months in a year and then go back to the office – THIS IS GREAT! Look, I work in a restaurant every night, and it’s not something I want to do but it gives me money to spend on nice holidays with you! It’s all that matters!

I took Jack’s words into my heart and decided to just be. Then in March the office news that they had to let 20 people go because of Brexit, as some investors decided to put some projects on hold (or such was the excuse). I was given 3 weeks notice. My last day was on the 18th of April.

I was scared. I was sad. I went to visit my parents in Poland for a few weeks and every single day when I was there, I would work for at least 16 hours making new Facebook ads, writing newsletters, posting on Facebook, designing new products, making orders with suppliers and so on. I got a new credit card and I was like WTF when I was given a £8k ($10.5k) limit on it.

‘With my credit score? ARE THEY MAD?’

I drained that card dry to pay for new socks order and 330 pairs of PrideBunny Shorts.

- Okay, this should be enough for a month to sell them and then we will see – I thought.

The shorts sold out in 36 hours. I haven’t gone back to my office job since. Thank you, I love you guys. x

Next time I will tell you what I have done with all the trust you gave me and how I reinvested all the money into the brand to make it even greater!

Love you, Matt x

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Empowering story + great product + supportive partner + hard work and deciation = success

You deserve to be proud. It wasn’t an easy journey, but your tenacity paid off.

Michael Smith

Aaaah great blog post!! Keep up the good work hun, I’m low key obsessed with this brand haha x


My husband bought exactly those shorts to wear at Pride. They arrived the Tuesday before Pride but tragically he suddenly died the very next day. I’ve been wearing them lots ever since. They’re special in ways you could never imagine X


What an amazing blog entry. Thank you for sharing your experiences, worries and joys with us. Keep going and smile 😉

Sascha (LeFrett)

What an amazing pic


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