Nothing can take our Pride away!

Nothing can take our Pride away!

Hi Everyone!

First of all I’d like you to smile before going through the rest of this message, because everything will eventually be fine and all the crazy things that are happening around us at the moment will pass. So go on, SMILE!


Now, I am sending this message to you to tell you how we are making sure that things are fine on our side in order to ensure our continued fabulousness.

I am in this madness too.

I know that Covid-19 is already affecting your lives. I myself got quite spectacularly caught in this madness. Only over a week ago I moved out of my London apartment and yesterday I was going to move to Poland for a bit. All this to minimise my personal spendings so I could invest more funds into Bunny.Style SS20 Collection.

As you can imagine this did not happen.

Poland shut the borders one day before my move. Although I could still have traveled on one of the government-chartered flights, this would mean being separated from my partner for a very long time.

So here I am, writing this message to you while crushing at my friend’s place (still in London!) in a room full of bags and suitcases. This will be my control centre for the weeks to come yet I couldn’t be happier to have somewhere to live!

Enough about me though, as what might happen could be much tougher for some of you and some others around us.

Now, here is what I have decided to be our strategy for the period of the next 8 weeks.

In the next few weeks I am putting a few measures to action to ensure that Bunny.Style survives and that all customers receive continuously great service.

Here are a few I have already started:

  1. We are now producing some items from our SS20 Collection. If you preordered, stay assured - you will get your order. We have already produced all socks, beach towels and blue jeans. The bracelets, shorts and tops are being produced right now (will finish by the end of the month) We have paid 50% for this order to our supplier and we have enough funds to cover the balance so all is going as planned. Also, we have a very good relationship with our suppliers so if there are any quakes on the way, all will be fine. To help you visualise this: We currently have around 400 shorts preorders but our order is for over 1000 pieces so your shorts have already been paid for.

  2. We are considering postponing the release of any new lines, including the Women’s line for a few weeks to ensure we fulfil all preorders first.

  3. We have made it clear already that your order / preorder is safe with us but we need to stress that it is very important that you keep your order, and in the event you decide not to proceed with it I am personally asking you to accept store credit instead of a refund.

    Maybe some of you remember how we all got screwed in 2008 when people started withdrawing all their money from the banks? Don’t do it. It’s a recipe for a disaster, not just for us, but for the whole economy. If we collapse, our business partners will also struggle, if they struggle, others and eventually banks will struggle. And if banks struggle, we might all lose our money. So just don’t panic. Support all small businesses, especially the ones that might find it difficult. We all want our favourite bars to still be there when this ends, we all want to see fabulous acts perform when Pride festivals get a go-ahead. If you want us to still be here next year - shop with us!

  4. We are starting a new marketing campaign or let’s call it an awareness campaign to spread the word that Pride doesn’t just end with a parade. It is in us, it's here every day of the year and no one can take it away from us, even if we are unable to go out on the streets and celebrate!

  5. We know that many of you, especially the self-employed might find this time difficult. I will personally reply and give advice to anyone who struggles and messages us asking for it. For all those organising charity events that we were to support - let us know if there is anything else we can do! Send us emails to

They say that after every storm there is a rainbow. Let’s keep it this way! 🌈

Love you to bits,

Matt x

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