What to wear to Pride?

It’s the Pride time of the year again!
But wait, what are you going to wear?

Some choose to air out their best assets with sparkly body paints. Others opt for a more relaxed vibe with accents of rainbow on their shoelaces, jewellery or rainbow roll-up shortsWe don’t all need to dress like a contestant from the latest season of RuPaul’s drag race to feel the part!

If you’re attending for the first time, or still unsure how to indulge in your local Pride eventhere are some tips on what kind of looks to go for!  

1. Glitter! The perfect option for those who can’t decide. Get creative by sprinkling glitter wherever best suits your style or Pride outfit! Glitter beards and sparkly eyes are two popular choices! Bringing auntie Susan or your hetero buddy last minute? With their consent, glitterize their cheeks so they feel part of the festivities. Warning! In a world full of waste and environmental hazards, don’t add to the problem if you don’t need. Eco-biodegradable glitter is available online and in shops, so if you can, opt for the greener choice. Shopping the UK? Here’s our top pick!   


glitter makeup on a girl during gay pride Bunny Style


2. Rainbow! The Rainbow flag has become an iconic global symbol for LGBTQ+ acceptance along with its new progressive sister flag. Don’t hold back!  Experiment with colour and incorporate the whole spectrum into your Pride clothing. Time to attack your face with rainbow camouflage or play it subtle with red to violet nail polish. Any effort to show you’ve come for Pride is encouraged and applauded so don’t worry about standing out too much, it might not be possible ;)


man in a rainbow tshirt at gay pride


3. Consider the history and significance of the event. Pride parades are often held in commemoration of the 1969 Stonewall riots. They were a series of protests by the LGBTQ+ community that hugely changed our rights today! Time to do your research if you’re unfamiliar with these details, as it’s the reason we are so fortunate to have pride festivals today. If you want to highlight significant dates, milestones, or continuing issues within the community, why not express this through banners, placards, or a  statement pride t-shirt? As much as we live for the swarm of glitter and shots in the DJ tent, attending the parade with a message is important too. 


drag queen during pride event


4. Always wanted to be in drag but never found the right occasion? Pride is a safe space to express yourself and dress up! All with complete support from your peers and the people around you. Even if you’re not looking to discover your next career, getting into drag is loads of fun! But be warned! Day drag is very different to a short evening performance, so wear comfortable shoes and bring a change of clothes and makeup wipes in a rainbow tote bag.  Just in case the elements vandalise your makeup masterpiece over the course of the day. Looking for a wig to die from an Aussie brand ? Wigs by Vanity is just what you need.


person at agy pride event Bunny style


5. Know your specific tribe? Some of us queers like to explore our sexuality and open our horizons to the fetish world. You may choose to accessorise yourself subtly yet stylishly with a harness, animal mask or latex boots. This will let others know what after-party you will be attending in the later hours and connect you to others with similar interests… 



6. Us! Time to support your LGBTQ+ small businesses. Many big brands are offering pride-themed products during June. It’s clear that they are riding the opportunity train towards profit, and jump off once their pride month season ticket expires. Brands like us, (Bunny Style), provide rainbow-themed clothes and accessories whilst contributing to LGBTQ+ causes. We focus on giving our community great quality Pride apparel, (like Pride shorts or Pride T-shirts) they love and can wear all year round. It's not a one-time polyester buy that ends up in the bin once the Pride is done. We sell in the USA, UK, Australia, Germany and soon more of Europe and Canada! Check us out now!

So that’s a wrap. Remember, the spirit of Pride is about being free to be your most authentic self and proud of who you are.

Stay safe, make memories, and have the most wonderful Pride!


Your Bunny Style team xx  

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