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Bunny.Style in the UK is a licensed brand name of Bunny Group Limited, an England and Wales registered company no. 12185888.


To make a return or exchange go to:


If you want to get in touch with us regarding anything else, the best way is to  email us at 
There is no '.com' or other extension at the end of this email address.

This email works for all customer service queries, wholesale, press and business enquiries.

If you use personal emails of our Directors and Managers you are less likely to get a reply. Not only because we do not make those public so they are likely to be from a stolen database but also because our Customer Service staff filter our messages and redirect them to the right people.

Unfortunately we are no longer able to receive phone calls or Facebook Messenger queries. We do monitor our social media, but if you have a customer service query, please go straight to email. We aim to respond to every message within 72h.

Any abuse or threats towards our staff are always treated very seriously. As per our T&Cs we reserve the right not to provide service to anyone taking it out on our staff and any illegal activity including homophobic comments on social media will be reported to the relevant authorities.