Where is my pre-order?

Hi! We put together an up-to-date page so you could check when to expect your pre-order shorts to ship!

1ST DROP (March 10th until April 17th)

Orders from 23398 up to 24073

Orders containing REG shorts (excluding Denim REG Shorts) are affected by the quality fault we discovered on the 20th of April which forced us to destroy almost all REG shorts and remake the affected items. Denim REG shorts were not affected.

If your order contained the REG Shorts (excluding Denim), you can either ask to swap for SHORT Shorts (subject to availibility) or the following release dates apply to our best knowledge:

Black, Navy Blue and Off-white REG Shorts:

Shipped to our warehouse on the 8th of May
Delivered to our warehouse on the 12th of May
Shipping to customers 16th of May

Brick and Slate Grey REG Shorts

Production finished 12th of May
Shipped to our warehouse on the 13th of May
Delivered to our warehouse on the 17th of May
Shipping to customers 20th of May

All orders containing just SHORT Shorts or Denim REG Shorts have been shipped. If your order contained also REG Shorts and you want other products to ship first, just let us know and we will split your order.



2ND DROP (April 17th and ongoing)

Orders 24074 and above.

This applies to both SHORT and REG Shorts:

Production finished 12th of May
Shipped to our warehouse on the 13th of May
Delivered to our warehouse on the 17th of May
Shipping to customers 20th of May

These are dates that we are currently being given by our supplier and shipping companies. Although we hope they will not change and there will be no further delays, we cannot guarantee this as we simply have no impact upon the logistic chains, shipping delays and so on.

Please stay assured, your order is safe with us and if you are unhappy to wait you have full rights to cancel or change your order as stated in our Cancellation Policy.

We are shipping all products by air to our warhouses as sea shipping is currently overloaded and takes over 4 months. This means we make almost no profit on the sales of our fabulous shorts.

We know how much our customers love these and are really doing all we can so you could have them soon. We would truly appreciate your understanding while we are working around the current logistics obstacles. x

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Please also make sure to read our Pre-order Policy.