Where are my pre-ordered shorts?

Hi! We put together an up-to-date page so you could check when to expect your pre-ordered shorts to ship!

1ST & 2ND DROP (March 10th until now)

Orders from 23398 and up

Most orders have now been shipped. The remaining ones should be out by the 26th of May 2022. 

We will be in touch if there are any issues with your order.

If you think there is a problem, get in touch with us!



Although we hope there will be no delays, we cannot guarantee this as we simply have no impact upon the logistic chains, shipping delays and so on.

Please stay assured, your order is safe with us and if you are unhappy to wait you have full rights to cancel or change your order as stated in our Cancellation Policy.

We are shipping all products by air to our warhouses as sea shipping is currently overloaded and takes over 4 months. This means we make almost no profit on the sales of our fabulous shorts.

We know how much our customers love these and are really doing all we can so you could have them soon. We would truly appreciate your understanding while we are working around the current logistics obstacles. x

To get in touch email:


Please also make sure to read our Pre-order Policy.