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Dear customers, fans and followers,

Bunny.Style has faced a very challenging year. As a small business there is only as much as we could take to continue operating. Sadly, due to multiple problems in logistics, products quality and increasing operating costs we are no longer able to trade.

We understand you are disappointed, and we are equally sad. Our amazing team has lost their jobs due to the situation and it feels like we lost something much more valuable, a brand and a community we have been building for over 5 years.

Our team has now moved on and is no longer available. Please refrain from attacking us, we all did all we could to save the brand and worked countless hours without getting paid to help customers affected by the collapse of Bunny.Style.

Here is a bit of an insight of what caused our operations to collapse:

1.     Advertising Issues:

The initial issues started with the cost of the Facebook ads since Facebook removed the options to target the LGBTQ community. Our advertising costs more than doubled. We looked for ways around it but the ads were eating over 50% of our sales.

2.     Pressure from creditors:

As we had loans to pay we were pushed to keep selling more and more because our creditors started getting impatient and were pushing us to pay the loans quicker than we were able to afford.

3.     Problems with stock in the USA

In May and June 2023 our warehouse in the US had technical issues which caused us miss out on part of our peak season in our largest store. This resulted in our sales being lower than what we planned for the US market.

4.     Germany Delay:

Our planned German release was delayed for over a month by the cargo shipping partner that did not keep the promised delivery dates of our German cargo to our warehouse. This made us miss our peak season in our second largest store in Germany. Due to the delay and social media backlash we were unable to advertise and make sales in Germany which further significantly affected our cash flow.

5.     Warehouse Challenges:

As we were not making enough sales to cover the warehouse costs our warehousing partner that we used in the US, UK and Germany was no longer able to credit our operations and ship the orders when the products eventually arrived in Germany, as well as stopped shipping in the US and the UK due to the building up of the unpaid liabilities.

6.     Order cancellations and depleting of company funds:

We believed it was unfair to keep the customers in the limbo while we were no longer to ship the orders coming in. As a result we had to cancel around 600 orders in Germany and around 100 orders in the UK and the USA. Due to the amount of refunds required, the company was unable to cover these suddenly arrising costs.

As a result of all of the points above combined, the company has now become insolvent as is no longer able to pay its financial obligations and keep trading. The company will be going into liquidation as we failed to secure any further funding.


How does this affect our customers?

If your order was not shipped or refund or exchange was not processed:

You should reach out to your bank, PayPal or any other payment provider you used when you checked out. You should be able to ask them to reverse the charges. We are no longer in a position to process any refunds or exchanges as our accounts no longer have any funds available. The company liquidators will be in touch with our bank and PayPal to instruct them to honour chargebacks from customers.

While this process can take some time, you will be able to get your money back eventually if you were affected by this situation.

In the last few weeks our team has been receiving multiple threats from several customers affected by the collapse of Bunny.Style. Please refrain from taking your disappointment out on our team. We all lost our jobs and a brand we loved and were building for many years.

Thank you for all the years of your support for Bunny.Style,

Bunny style team x